About Cliquey.

Cliquey is an interactive marketing and consulting agency located in Melbourne, Australia.
We specialise in developing innovative strategies and creative solutions.

Website Design

You might offer the best service in your industry or create a better product than any of your competitors. But if your website is clunky or outdated you lose potential clients, customers and members.

We deliver clean, modern and user-friendly websites which show prospective clients which you’re a leader in your field. Just look at ours.

Online Marketing

Adwords. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Google+. Youtube. The world of online marketing & social media is a lot bigger than just Facebook – and it’s growing every day.

Branding & Design

We live in the age of the internet. If you want your organisation to be taken seriously you need a seriously good website. And if you want an edge on the competition then you need a logo and a brand which stand out from the pack.


Today’s landscape is fuelled by disruption, and traditional R&D is seldom enough to keep pace. Businesses must look beyond core business and think differently about innovation.

Our ability to identify and scale opportunity at speed relies on our unique Innovation. We answer the challenges with innovation to transform core business and scale new opportunities.

Video Production

We can provide you with the expertise to create videos which make a statement. The videos you need to cut through the noise and to reach your audience.

And those videos won’t be confined to Facebook. One video can be uploaded to an infinite number of video-sharing sites. From YouTube to Vimeo, Google Video to your own website its reach is as unlimited as the internet itself.

Editorial & Content

Use the right words and people will listen to your story. And if they listen to your story, chances are they’ll buy your product. But get it wrong and you can turn your potential audience away or – worse still – remain invisible.

Your new domain is just a few Cliques away.

Our Cliquey Clients

With many clients across a multitude of industries we’re so proud to be a part of the great things our clients have achieved and are achieving.

No matter the industry or the department we here to help.

Our Service.

We realise that competition is always just a click away.
Which is why we believe in being professional, informative, customer friendly and on budget.

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